Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Hane Family Christmas....posted a couple weeks late...

I wanted to make sure to update the blog with our Christmas photos as such, mostly just as documentation to keep and remember, I should really start scrapbooking! Anyways we had a nice quiet Christmas with no snow believe or not.  This year was especially fun since Hannah is now old enough to really appreciate the magic of the holidays and was so excited to see what Santa had brought her.  Christmas is far more fun now that we have kids! I think I was more excited than anyone to get up Christmas morning just to be able to watch her face as she saw that Santa really did come to her house. Maverick had a good time too, mostly just enjoying the paper flying around.  Its crazy how fast it all happens and goes by, we spent weeks getting ready and then its all over.  I am super happy to get on with normal again so bring it on 2012! I really think this will be a great year and I am super excited for this summer, Maverick will begin to catch up to Hannah in abilities and I cant wait to see them become little buddies.   

                                                  Decorating the REAL tree...a 9ft tree for only $17!

                                                            milk and cookies for santa

                                                      Best christmas ever mom and dad!

                                                             He is a happy boy
                                            Merry Christmas from the Grinch, Santa, and Maverick
                                                        All tired from the festivities
                                 New Years Day, celebrating with Friends....They are having a blast!

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